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Summary of Academic Coursework

Business Management bachelor degree coursework provides a solid foundation in applying management techniques to achieve organizational goals. This curriculum covers methods of financial and statistical analysis, total quality management (TQM), and performance management. It also encompasses a well-rounded basis in marketing, public relations, legal issues, and motivating and retaining employees. Business Information Systems bachelor degree coursework provides a matching technical foundation in applying information technology within the business environment. The curriculum covers principles of systems analysis, structured programming, and database design/management. Master Certificate coursework (Tulane University, Freeman School of Business) provides an overview of core MBA disciplines with an emphasis upon Business Marketing.

I chose to undertake the dual major bachelor degree specialties to combine a firm background in managing information systems with a strong understanding of the business factors that are important to executive management. Another factor important to my decision was learning a skill set that would strengthen my ability to manage, interact with, and mediate between the people on either side of the information technology "fence" (between owners and users on the one side and the designers and implementers on the other). I believe that these two majors provide the foundation to bridge this widening gap, which is increasingly crucial to conducting successful business. I chose to undertake the Tulane Master Certificate coursework in 2006 in order to refresh my memory of the subjects that were covered during my undergraduate studies, earned approximately seven years earlier, and to prepare for pursuit of a full MBA.

Post-Graduate Work

Earned 12 CEUs (12 required for certificate)

Tulane University - Freeman School of Business, New Orleans, LA - Earned 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), 2006-2007

Master Certificate in Business Marketing. Completed May 2007 with Program GPA of 4.00.

TMBA 112 - Marketing Management, 1 CEU
TMBA 111 - Financial Management, 1 CEU
TMBA 113 - Business Statistics, 1 CEU
TMBA 114 - Financial Accounting, 1 CEU
TMBA 121 - International Business, 1 CEU
TMBA 122 - Advanced Finance, 1 CEU
TMBA 123 - Financial Statement Analysis, 1 CEU
TMBA 124 - Leadership, 1 CEU
TMBA 144 - Marketing Strategy, 1 CEU
TMBA 143 - Marketing Promotions, 1 CEU
TMBA 141 - Business to Business Marketing, 1 CEU
TMBA 142 - International Marketing, 1 CEU

Undergraduate Work

Earned 128 credits (120 required for degree)

University of Phoenix, San Diego campus - Earned 102 Credits, 1997-2000

Bachelor of Science Degree with dual majors in Business Management and Business Information Systems. Completed June 2000 with Program GPA of 3.92.

BS/BM and BS/BIS. Graduated with Honors distinction.
Business Management major core completed in September 1999 with Program GPA of 3.90.
Business Information Systems major core completed in June 2000 with Program GPA of 3.94.
Overall GPA = 3.92 with 84 credits (26 classes completed)

MGT 332 - Organizational Behavior, 3CR
MGT 333 - Organizational Communication, 3CR
MGT 436 - Critical Thinking & Decision Making, 3CR
MGT 434 - Employment Law, 3CR
MKT 438 - Public Relations, 3CR
FIN 324 - Financial Analysis for Managers I - Accounting, 3CR
FIN 325 - Financial Analysis for Managers II - Finance, 3CR
MGT 448 - Global Business Strategies, 3CR
QNT 321 - Statistics in Business I - Theory, 3CR
QNT 322 - Statistics in Business II - Application, 3CR
MGT 449 - Quality Management & Productivity, 3CR
MKT 421 - Marketing, 3CR
MGT 437 - Project Management, 3CR
MGT 480 - Business Research Applications, 3CR
GEN 480 - Professional Ethics and Responsibility, 3CR
CIS 319 - Computers & Information Processing, 3CR
TCM 420 - Telecommunications, 3CR
MGT 431 - Human Resources Management, 3CR
CIS 415 - Intro/Software Engineering, 5CR
CMGT 423 - Project Planning & Implementation, 3CR
POS 429.1 - Programming Concepts, 3CR
POS 431.4 - Structured Programming Techniques, 3CR
CSS 420 - Computer Architecture, 5CR
CMGT 424 - Information Resource Management, 5CR
CSS 416 - Data Design & Information Retrieval, 3CR
CSS 417 - Database Management Systems, 3CR

Other credits earned (via College Level Examination Program [CLEP] testing): College Algebra (3CR) passed Aug 99 with a scaled score of 69 (out of 80 possible; score in 98th percentile and is equivalent to an A grade), Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (6CR) passed Sep 99 with a scaled score of 64 (out of 80 possible; score in 95th percentile and is equivalent to an A grade), American Government (3CR) passed Oct 99 with a scaled score of 53 (out of 80 possible; score in 84th percentile and is equivalent to a B grade), General Biology (6CR) passed May 00 with a scaled score of 60 (out of 80 possible; score in 90th percentile and is equivalent to an A grade).

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ - Earned 1 Credit, 1990

BPC121AB - MS-DOS Operating System, 1CR

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ - Earned 25 Credits, 1989-90

CHM 114 - General Chemistry for Engineers, 4CR
ECN 112 - Microeconomic Principles, 3CR
ENG 101 - First-year English Composition, 3CR
HIS 101 - Western Civilization - Middle Ages, 3CR
HIS 103 - U.S. History - Pre Civil War, 3CR
ECE 105 - Intro to Languages & Engineering, 3CR
ENG 102 - First-year English Composition, 3CR
HIS 100 - Western Civilization - Pre Middle Ages, 3CR

High School

Earned Diploma

Tempe High School, Tempe, AZ - High School Diploma, 1985-89

High School Diploma. Completed June 1989 with Program GPA of 3.80.
Coursework in General Studies


Who's Who Among American High School Students '86-87 & '87-88
4 years of math including trigonometry and pre-calculus
3 years of physical sciences including biology and physics
3 years of Spanish language classes
1 year Latin language

Future Academic Plans

Pursue Master of Business Administration Degree at a university to be determined.
Coursework will expand upon management concepts that I studied during undergraduate and Tulane post-graduate programs. Program length will be approximately 2 years.

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