Favorite Links

The links below represent some of my favorite places to visit.

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Earl Langenberg - Printer-friendly landing page for online resume and formatted resume documents
Hackerdom.net - My ongoing project to develop a commercial website community
My Facebook Profile - Facebook is where I post the most timely status updates and photos for friends to see
My LinkedIn Profile - My profile page on the LinkedIn network
My Twitter Profile (@travelearl) - My profile page on Twitter


American Airlines - My preferred airline. I believe that they have the best fare search engine of all the major carriers.
Broadband Forum - A consortium that promotes the understanding and usage of xDSL and broadband technologies (formerly known as DSL Forum)
Craigslist - San Diego Section - Online classifieds. Great site for buying and selling used items. However, "buyer be very careful" as Craigslist is occasionally noted in the news due to scams, rip-offs, and other acts perpetrated by bad folks.
Land of the Free Online - Resource for helpful information and assistance with completing common forms
Southwest Airlines - They pack you in like sardines, but the site interface is beautifully simple for booking flights and their pricing for short-haul flights is rarely beaten
WeKnowBest - One-stop shop for technology management, business consulting, and security/alarm/CCTV services
Woot! - Online store that sells cool stuff cheap. One deal, in limited quantities, daily. Check in at 12A Central Time to see the bargain of the day before it sells out.


The Force - Home page for Star Wars aficionados. Check out "TROOPS" on this site!
The Internet Movie DataBase - Encyclopedic warehouse of information for all things related to video entertainment - Movies, TV, Actors, Trivia, Quotes, Goofs, Filming locations, etc.

News and Magazines

National Geographic - Magazine of same name
CNN Sports Illustrated - Home of Monday Morning Quarterback (by Peter King) and College Football Overtime (by Stuart Mandel)
ESPN Sports News - News on just about any sport that is covered at all
Maxim Online - I would say that I read it for the "insightful political commentary", but we all know that it is truly about the pictures
Today's news - Yahoo's top stories of the day
US Geological Survey - Whenever there is an earthquake, this page has the real-time authoritative detail on where it was centered and how strong it was

Search Engines, Directory Services, and Other

Switchboard - Like an online Yellow Pages
WhoWhere? - Like Switchboard. Not as good at phone numbers, but better at emails.
Google - The search engine that is so ubiquitous that its name has become a common verb
Yahoo! - Not as comprehensive in search as Google, but sometimes provides more relevant results
Dogpile - The lord of all search engines. Will search in multiple search engines simultaneously.
MapQuest - Need a map? These are beautiful (even though I used Yahoo's in this site!)
Wikipedia - If you want to know everything about anything, this is the place to look.

If you would like to suggest a link for inclusion on this list, please drop me a line!

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