Training and Awards

Technical Training
Sales Training


Technical Certifications

VMware Technical Sales Professional Accreditation, May 2011

Pre-Sales Technical Accreditation from VMware (VTSP4)
Foundational technical knowledge for pre-sales individuals to help them successfully engage in a VMware sales cycle.
Current Certification does not expire

VMware Sales Professional Accreditation, March 2011

Sales Professional Accreditation from VMware (VSP4)
Selling VMware, Overview of Virtualization, Overview of VMware Products and Solutions
Current Certification does not expire

Cisco Certified Sales Expert, February 2011

Sales Professional Certification from Cisco Systems (Exam 646-205)
Selling Cisco Small Business, Collaboration, Borderless Networks, and Virtualization Architectures.
Routing, switching, wireless, security, unified communications, telepresence, business video
Current Certification expired in February 2013

EMC Velocity Sales Accreditation, March 2011

Sales Professional Accreditation from EMC (Consolidate and Backup & Recovery)
EMC messaging, product overview, solutions, and sales process
Current Certification expired in May 2012

3Com 3Star LAN Basics, April 1999

Sales Professional Certification
Local Area Network (LAN) Site Needs Analysis, System Design, and Product Implementation

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Training (outside of formal schooling)

Technical training

Edison Institute, Telecommunications for Non-Engineers

Telecom history, current climate, and future directions
Regulatory guidelines and operating environment for ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, etc.
7-Layer ISO-OSI Model
Voice, data, and video networks
Physical media, transmission methods, and protocols
Broadband services - xDSL, ISDN, ATM, T-carriers, FDDI, Microwave, Satellite
SONET, X.25, Frame Relay, PVCs, Cellular (GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS)
TCP/IP protocol, IEEE 802.11b (Wireless LAN), Bluetooth

Microsoft, Microsoft DirectAccess briefings

Microsoft BackOffice products and development strategy
MS Office deployment (using VBA)
SQL Server deployment and support

Hewlett-Packard, HP University

OpenView administration and support
NetServer configuration and IT management
ProCurve switches
JetDirect print servers
Business family of PCs (Brio, Vectra, Kayak)

Compaq, Solutions training

Server configuration (Prosignia, Proliant)
Business family of PCs (Armada, DeskPro)

3Com, 3Star courses

LAN Basics and 3Com Networks
High Speed Technologies (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Giganet, ATM)
Desktop Solutions (NICs, traffic management)
Workgroup Solutions (hubs, switches, servers, farms, redundancy)
Switched Campus Solutions (DHCP, network management)
WAN Technologies (Frame Relay, ATM, T-carriers, SONET)
Scaling Enterprise WAN Solutions (routers, bridges, gateways)
Remote Access Solutions (VPN, Dedicated access, Dial-up)
Small Business Solutions (OfficeConnect family of switches)
PC Networking - Token Ring, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, Peer-to-peer, client-server)
Network topology (Bus, Star, Ring, Tree, Hybrid-Tree)

Numerous vendor product training sessions

SMC Networking

Sales training

Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement & Advanced Selling Strategies

Breaking negative habits and replacing them with great ones
Planning, prioritizing, and following-through on goals
Identifying the customer's most pressing concerns
Addressing emotional factors to ensure better sales results
Product positioning to meet customer needs

Michael Price, Achieving Unending Referrals

Meeting necessary conditions to become eligible for referral business
Asking for referrals effectively
Following up with referrals
Achieving and maintaining quality referrals

James K. Van Fleet, Conversation Power

Mastering the art of spoken communication
Effective listening skills
Attention to non-verbal conversation
Empathetic listening
Targeting message to the audience of the moment

Carlton Masi, Effective Sales Management

Recruitment and retention techniques
Identifying salespeople's motivations and needs
Training, coaching, and mentoring
Leading by example
Replicating one team member's effective methods to others
Overcoming rejections, disappointments, and emotions
Establishing goals and goal metrics
Maintaining focus and motivation

Carlton Masi, Selling with Passion

Characteristics of today's high-producing sales professionals
Overcoming time management fatal flaws
Most powerful ways of developing new business
Goal setting and creating strategic action plans
Getting appointments by phone
Turning objections into sales
Effective cold calling methods
Delivering powerful presentations
Closing sooner and without buyers' remorse
WOWing customers forever
Maintaining motivation over the long haul

Dr. Chester Karrass, Effective Negotiating (Negotiation Skills Seminar)

Negotiation planning
Product strategy
Self-evaluation and identifying what your negotiating partner truly wants
Stated motives and revealing hidden needs
Developing, presenting, and negotiating win-win solutions
Goodwill and rapport building
Measuring concessions
Breaking deadlocks
Gaining successful agreements and keeping them

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President's Circle, JDSU

2013 Fiscal Year
Awarded for extraordinary contribution / performance in exceeding revenue quota.

External Recognition, Pulse Engineering

Supplier-Partner Award of Excellence - Embarq Logistics (now KGP Logistics) - 2007
False Alarm Reduction Category, New Product Showcase Product Achievement Award, Excelsus® DSL Alarm Filter - ISC East - New York, NY - August 2001

Salesperson of the Quarter, Pulse Engineering

Q1 (January through March) of 2007
Awarded to an individual salesperson to recognize outstanding effort and/or performance during the period.

Honors Distinction, University of Phoenix

June 2000
Completed Bachelor of Science degree with 3.92 GPA.
Graduated with Honors distinction.

Top Sales Person, Byte & Floppy Computers

December 1996, October 1997, November 1997, February 1998, and March 1998
Awarded to the eligible sales person who generated the highest profit dollars for that month.
Sales people eligible to win award a maximum of 2 times per calendar year.
Award discontinued in October 1998.

Most Valuable Personnel (MVP), Insight Direct

July 1994 and November 1994
Awarded to individual employees (5 to 10 per month) to recognize employees who contribute greatly to the success of their departments and the company as a whole.
Employees eligible to win award once per calendar quarter.

Employee of the Month, Insight Direct

March 1993
Awarded to a single employee to recognize performance, outstanding effort, and efficiency.
Awarded to one employee per month.

Graduated in upper 10 percent of High School class

June 1989
Graduated High School with GPA in upper 10th percentile.
Overall class size was 360. Among top 36 graduates in class.

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